The Camelback Esplanade One
2425 East Camelback Road, Suite 1100
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

We want tough cases, complex facts, and determined clients. Our reputation, we know, is that we are tough, talented, hard-working, goal-oriented and dedicated. Complex commercial litigation is what we practice, and it demands all that we are every day. We listen to our clients and then create strategies responsive to business and personal needs. Our mission on every project is to construct the smartest path to the most ambitious goal. Razor-sharp perception, keen analytical planning and intuitive timing inspire our strategies. Experienced street smarts and proven judgment lead to victory. We love what we do and are proud that we accomplish winning in a style and on a calendar that fulfills our clients’ needs.

(Just to name a few)
10K, LLC
Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, P.C.
Alliance Lab, Inc.
ArmorWorks Enterprises, LLC
The Arizona Board of Regents
Arizona State University
BDPJ Houston, LLC
City of Chandler
DMB Associates, Inc.
Experian Information Systems, Inc.
Granite Dells Ranch Holdings, LLC
Information Systems Support, Inc.
Incentive Logic, Inc.
MVP Laboratories, Inc.
Northern Arizona University
Oxford Investment Partners, LLC
Park Electrochemical Corp.
PetSmart, Inc.
Postino Wine Bar, LLC
Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.
Seldin Real Estate, Inc.
South Mountain Partners, LLC
Swift Transportation, Inc.